“Carve it, Cast it, Wear it!

2 sessions

October 14  9:30 to 5

October 21 9:30 to 5


In this hands-on 12-hour workshop (2 days for 6 hours each), you will carve and cast your own sterling silver ring*. You will learn how to create your ring design from jeweler’s wax, cast it in silver, and then learn how to file and polish your ring so it will be ready to wear!

We will take you through each step of the process – from an introduction to the tools, ring design, ring sizing, wax carving, lost wax casting, and finish polishing. The wax carving process uses basic tools that will make it easy for everyone to design and carve a unique and personalized ring. We highly recommend coming with your ideas and designs down on paper, but if not don’t worry just let your imagination tell you what the wax wants to be!

Lost wax casting is a traditional technique used in jewelry making and sculpture. A model is carved or shaped in wax and is then cast. To do this the wax model is ‘sprued’ to a wax tree, put into a special container and then filled with investment plaster. Once dry the investment plaster containing the wax model is put in a kiln, and the wax is ‘burnt out’, leaving the negative space in the plaster where the wax model used to be. Molten metal is then injected centrifugally into the negative space and allowed to cool. Once cooled the plaster is broken up to reveal the metal piece and is then ready to be cleaned and finished.

All tools, wax and metal are provided for this class.

Step 1. Tool Orientation

Step 2. Wax Orientation

Step 3. Get a big block of D Wax

Step 4. Engrave, carve and sculpt your wax ring

Step 5. Make your Sprue tree

Step 6. Invest

Step 7. Cast in sterling silver

Step 8. File and polish to finish your beautiful ring!

– No experience necessary!
– Space is limited to keep instruction optimal and intimate.
– Don’t know her/his ring size? Bring one of their rings and we will tell you.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and more experienced makers looking to learn a new technique. All tools and materials will be provided. This workshop is taught by Robert Devoe Peter, a master designer and maker specializing in high quality fine jewelry.

* Class includes casting in sterling silver up to 12 grams, however gold, palladium, and platinum can be cast for an additional cost.

We cast your items at our facility in silver or gold!


What if I don’t know what to make?
For best use of this workshop it would be good to find some inspiration ahead of time and have some sketches down on paper. You could create a Pinterest board to collect ideas and inspiration and/or bookmark some of your favorite rings on instagram. We will have a few pre-designed rings from which to choose if you are not able to come with a design in mind or sketched out.

What if I don’t finish the ring on time?
We are patient in our venues. We will not pressure you to finish it on time however early planning will help you immensely. There is an opportunity to work independently in our workshop* at an hourly rate.

What can I make my ring out of?
Your class fee covers your ring cast in sterling silver, however Gold, palladium* or platinum* can be cast at an additional cost.

The ring is for someone else, how do I know their size?
Try and obtain a ring from them so we can help you determine the ring size on the day. We also offer a special finger-sizing device for you to use off site.

Is there an age limit to the class?
Yes. Unfortunately as we use sharp tools, including knives, we are unable to take anyone under 18 years of age.

Do I need to bring anything?
Nope, just bring yourself! While not a prerequisite, if you do have any inspirational materials, Instagram collections, Pinterest boards, designs/sketches, etc… bring these along too!

We are getting married and would love to create a ring. Is it possible to come together? Yes, you can also book a Private Event if you would prefer something more intimate than this class.

Your class is sold out, what can I do?
We will have a waiting list. Just drop us an email so that if anyone drops out, you will be notified. We run workshops once a month, so you’ll likely get another chance!

I can’t make it to a class I have booked. What do I do?
We offer full refunds for classes canceled at least 10 days prior to the start date. If you cancel later than the 10 days we can offer you credit at the Jewelers Guild for classes or merchandise.

Do you have gift certificates?
We do! Visit the Gift Certificate section on our website for more information.