At The Jewelers Guild LLC WE HAVE IT ALL!

Our goal is to create and produce amazing American jewelers, goldsmiths and silversmiths. Lost to modernization, these arts and crafts are being diminished. Jewelry classes have been cut from almost all high schools and colleges and only continue to be cancelled. The next Paul Revere, Tiffany, Waltham or any other great jeweler will not exist without opportunity and access.

The Jewelers Guild LLC has been created for  success and access. Made and designed for jewelers by jewelers. The Jewelers Guild is a multifaceted store, classroom and workshop. Our commitment at The Jewelers Guild is to offer classes for all ages as well as to showcase aspiring and accomplished jewelers.  Begin or continue your jewelry education at The Jewelers Guild. We provide access to state-of-the-art equipment as well as give jewelers the opportunity to sell their jewelry in their  own showcase.  We are a spotlight for exceptional jewelers in our community. Learn, Create and Sell, that is The Jewelers Guild™.


 Offering a myriad of classes and workshops for all skill levels, The Jewelers Guild LLC was designed to expand the art and craft of jewelry making in our community. Classes on casting, fabricating, wax carving, stone setting and much more. All of our classes are taught by local and national  jewelers who have mastered their skill and technique exciting in their and exciting your curiosity. Our classes are targeted at beginners through experts who want to learn something new or perfect a new skill. The Jewelers Guild LLC offers corporate events and opportunities for birthdays, engagements (make your ring?) and more, any event that brings people together for a common enthusiasm – Jewelry!


 You can’t make great jewelry without great equipment. The Jewelers Guild workshop is a space where jewelers can rent a bench daily, weekly or become a full time member and have access to a bench all year long. Our Workshop features state-of-the-art equipment and hundreds of tools and devices that will assist you in making any idea of yours become a reality. Whether you need to resurrect a pair of earrings or craft an intricate ring start to finish, The Jewelers Guild LLC will give you the opportunity to do so.


The Jewelers Guild LLC store features the Milwaukee area’s most exciting jewelers. Uniquely, the jewelry available in our store are hand crafted under the same roof. Designed with our customers in mind, our store’s  showcases spotlight the exceptional talents, the jewelers that make up the  The Jewelers Guild™ community. View the extensive workshop through the glass, observing creations being made right before your eyes. Watch as jewelers craft their unique pieces at their benches as you explore their unique, beautiful pieces of jewelry showcased in our gallery like store. Browse our store and see the most exquisite designs in gold, silver and platinum- Jewelry that can be found nowhere else. And The Jewelers Guild offers all the services of a typical jewelry store as well, repairs, appraisals, custom designs and more!

The Jewelers Guild is unique in its field, school, workshop and store offering the leading edge of jewelry enterprise. We aim to support the growth of any jeweler by giving them access and opportunity to follow through with their passion. State of the art tools, equipment, and devices  are accessible to students members and daily users at The Jewelers Guild. We provide a cooperative dynamic to work alongside like-minded individuals that is both unique and exciting. Cast, forged, formed, gold, silver and gems we truly have it all. Whether you are a jeweler who needs a place to work or someone who needs a custom engagement ring, join us in making your dreams become a reality. 

Jewelry is a statement of each individual, a part of life that we have held and cherished for thousands of years  – talismans and objects. Bejeweled man has adorned herself for over 5000 years and we endeavor to continue the art and craft  ~  Join us at The Jewelers Guild LLC

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Where you can…

  • Rent a bench for the day
  • Become a member
  • Create something all your own
  • Take a class with your friends
  • Buy amazing jewelry
  • Have an amazing piece of jewelry made
  • Get an appraisal
  • Have you ring sized to fit your finger
  • Fix your bracelet
  • Work with friends and colleagues
  • Watch how jewelry is made
  • Be part of the community of craftsmen