Membership has its rewards!

As a member of The Jewelers Guild™ you will receive benefits, opportunity and access. This includes a personalized bench, first class equipment, an exquisite showcase in our store and a page on our website. As a member you will also be granted access to the guild seven days a week. Just imagine, You can own your own jewelry business for first and last months rent! Find out if The Jewelers Guild is for you.


Hurry, bench availability is limited. Join now and as an inaugural member receive a Jewelers Guild custom apron.

Introductory offer $455 per month

What We Provide:

Become a Member and receive all the benefits
Your own Bench and your own jewelry case in the store

Need to finish or start a project and you don’t have the equipment?
Rent a bench for a day, two or a week –
No commitment and use our entire workshop, Casting machine polishers and more

  • Retail showcase
  • Personal bench
  • Locked storage
  • Casting equipment
  • Wax working area
  • Wax working tools
  • Molding Equipment
  • Anvil
  • Rolling Mill
  • Draw plates & tongs
  • Ingot mold
  • Steam cleaner
  • Ultrasonic cleaner
    • BENCH GURU- “Articulated Soldering Tray”
    • BENCH GURU- “Precious Metal Recovery System”
    • Stamping tools
    • Plating equipment
    • Polishing lathe
    • Pickle pots
    • Personal torch
    •  Oxygen/gas line
    • Personal flex shaft
    • Teaching opportunities
    • Tagging machine
    • Sand blasting
    • Wet sander
    • Vise
    • Library
    • Free parking
    • Office equipment
    • Free coffee
    • Personal bio on our website
    • Sales floor consultation table for client meetings
    • Central sound
    • Break Room
    • Packing/shipping

What You Provide:

  • Your own hand tools
  • Products and materials