The Workshop


The Jewelers Guild™ workshop has been created for access and success. It is a one of a kind establishment that was made and designed by jewelers for jewelers. Exclusive to Milwaukee, we offer tools and equipment far beyond the basics. Our workshop is a space where jewelers can rent a bench daily, weekly or become a full time member.

As any jeweler knows, you can’t create great jewelry without the proper equipment. Not only do we offer state of the art equipment, but access surpassing your expectations. The workshop is open from 8 am to 10 pm weekly. Work as much or as little as you would like. Working together with like-minded artists and craftsmen The Jewelers Guild™ workshop provides a cooperative dynamic that is both unique and exciting.

In this day and age is it difficult for one person to afford and create both a complete workshop and a showroom. Imagine a workshop that offers that access and opportunity, features state of the art equipment with hundreds of tools and devices that will allow you to make your jewelry designs and ideas become a reality.  Create, repair, or design, whether you need to resurrect a pair of earrings or craft an intricate ring start to finish. The Jewelers guild offers members a consultation room that allows you to customers and suppliers alike in a intimate and separate space.   The Jewelers Guild’s™ unique studio space that gives you the ability to do so much with ease as well as working closely with like minded metalsmiths to enrich the entire jewelry making experience!

Learn, create and sell. Join us in letting your dreams become reality.


Become a Member and receive all the benefits
Your own Bench and your own jewelry case in the store

Need to finish or start a project and you don’t have the equipment?
Rent a bench for a day, two or a week –
No commitment and use our entire workshop, Casting machine polishers and more

Jewelers Guild Building