Wax carving is an essential step in making cast jewelry. Wax lets you create detailed work that canΒ not be created through fabrication alone. The Jewelers Guild will provide you with all the supplies and equipment you need for this course. Come to The Jewelers Guild to learn the wax carving process and learn to:

-Carve rings with bezels and partial bezels for both cabochon-cut and faceted stones.
-Learn and practice wax melting techniques
-Learn to create detailed carvings and textures
-Learn how to hollow, size and repairing techniques
-Learn about types of wax and how they are used
-Learn how to make tools to suit your design needs and more
-Learn how to rapidly and accurately remove excess material using the flex shaft forΒ as well as hand filing techniques

After this course you will be able to bring home the pieces you have created and know how to use and create beautiful wax carvings that can be used for cast jewelry.